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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oCAboutDialogDialog for showing information about the software
oCCamThreadThis class gets a live picture from a Kinect camera. This class uses the QThread techniques and then some OpenCV stuff on the live picture; we will see..
oCCircuitDelivers a initialisation for the robot's circuits
oCCompassWidgetShows a 3D OpenGl kind of compass
oCConsoleGuiThe 'gui' class in the console mode
oCDemoThreadSome test code for presenting the robot itself
oCDirecsThe main class of the whole robot programm
oCDirecsSerialClass to read data from and write data to the serial port
oCGuiThe class for all GUI actions
oCHeadGives access to the robots head
oCHeartbeatThis thread sends a heartbeat to the microcontroller. The microccontroller waits for this heartsbeats. It stops/resets the robot, if no heartbeats are received
oCInifileHandles the access to the global ini-file
oCInterfaceAvrProvides the low level communication between the robots microcontroller and the laptop
oCJoystickThis class is for controling the robot with a joystick
oCJoystickDialogDialog for showing the joystick axes and buttons
oCLaserThis class handles all the low level laser stuff for the old laser scanners
oCLaserSceneThis specialised version of QGraphicsScene is able to react to mouse events
oCLaserThreadHandles all Laser scanners
oCLogfileHandles the access to the global log-file
oCMotorGives access to the motors of the robot
oCNetworkThreadHandles the network access to the robot (e.g. via WLAN)
oCObstacleCheckThreadChecks if there is an obstacle in front the robot
oCPlotThreadGets values from sensors and plots them in (emits them to) the GUI
oCQKinectThis class wraps the libfreenect library as a QObject this allows us to use singals and slots to communicate with the class from other Qt GUI elements. This class uses the Singleton pattern so must be accessed via the instance method
oCQKinectProcessEventsThis is the process event thread class it needs to be a class so we can use the Qt thread system
oCRgbLedThis class controls connected rgbLeds with PWM (brightness)
oCRGBWindowOur main glwindow widget for all drawing elements are put in this file
oCSensorThreadResponsible for getting all data from all sensors - except laserscanners
oCServoThis class controls connected servos
oCSettingsDialogThe dialog for all the programm settings
oCSickS300Gives access to a SICK laser scanner S300 Standard (not Professional!)
oCSpeakThreadSpeaks a text with espeak (Linux only)