Robotics – General

Takanishi Laboratory (Japan)

Dennis Hong’s talk at TED: My seven species of robot


Robotics – Laser range finder (laser scanner)

MITs quadcopter with laser scanning for indoors navigation

Using the SICK LMS-200 at 500 Kbps (Player/Stage)

SICK S300 at 500k baudrate (Player/Stage)


Robotics – Navigation

An Introduction to Mapping And Localization

Autonomous navigation in an unknown area (pdf) bzw. thread

A* path finding for beginners

Amit’s A*Pages

TU Dortmund – Behaviour based robotic (pdf)

Robotics – Sensors

How Rovios True Track Beacon from WowWee works (And how to DIY)


Robotics – Drive

Robot with printable Mecanum wheels


Robotics – Other projects

The Carnegie Mellon Robot Navigation Toolkit (CARMEN)


peekabot – a distributed real-time 3D visualization tool for robotics researchers and developers


Robotics – Camera

Video: The Kinect Sensor in Mobile Robotics: Initial Experiments

Dave Shinsel’s Robots


Robotics – Microsoft Kinect camera

OpenKinect – OpenKinect is an open community of people interested in making use of the amazing Xbox Kinect hardware with our PCs and other devices.

Fixit – Demontage und Aufbau der Microsoft Kinect

OpenKinect / libfreenect – Driver and libraries for the Xbox Kinect for WIndows, Linux and Mac OS X

libfreenect – Fork from Matthew Shotton for a Qt wrapper for libfreenect

ofxKinect – openFrameworks wrapper für die Xbox Kinect

OpenKinect and Qt reference Design


Robotics – Bots

Daedalus Projects – A nice really small quadrocopter

Humanoid robot LOLA from the TU München

Das Roboter-Kind „iCub“

A robot, who can fold clothes

Der care-o-bot

Erster(?) iPhone Roboter

Impressing humanoid robot called Robonaut R2, developed from NASA and GM

Autonome WAlking machine AMOS-WD06

A home-made R2D2! Respect!

DIY swarm behaviour with open source hard- and software: Formica

A roboter-cockroach, which is able to bluff real cockroaches

A bee robot

A robot-fly

Towards Humanoid Robotic Swarms

A robot which is able to get and place stuff due to point with a laser pointer at it

Plen. A scating robot – for 3,000 US$

Institute or systems engineering – Real time systems (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

Robotics Research Lab Universität Kaiserslautern Web Page.htm#_The_Millibots–/projekte/133987–/artikel/137780



USB Logik Analysator für unter 15 EUR

USB Logic Analyser für Win, Linux und Mac





Bester Git Talk von Scott Chacon – Hier wird einfach alles erklärt